15 Mountain Biking Safety Tips and Hacks

Many people are afraid of trying out mountain biking because they assume that it is dangerous, but the truth is that with proper guidelines on how to stay safe then you are good to go. Below is a detailed discussion about the precautions you should take and a few hacks and tips to help you maintain your safety when biking to avoid accidents.

• Wear padded cycling shorts – padded cycling shorts come in handy because they prevent your backside from hurting too much. Some people opt for padded saddles, but they are not comfortable for longer rides. The best solution is to pair a decent saddle with padded cycling short if you are cycling for a long distance.

• Always wear your helmet – every mountain biker knows things can get intense in the trails because of the rough trails and the fact you will be sharing them with other cyclists. That’s why it is always advisable to wear a high-quality helmet that guarantees maximum safety to avoid fatal head injuries. It should also be ventilated to allow free circulation of air and to reduce the overall weight to avoid straining your neck and back.

• Wear high-quality gloves and knee pads – gloves are essential because they help you have a firm grip on the handlebars to avoid slipping off because of sweat. They also protect your hands from friction that causes blisters. The knee pads ensure that your knees are safe even if you fall on the rough rocks.

• Clean and oil your chain regularly – the chainrings tend to get stuck with mad easily if you are riding on a muddy terrain that’s why you should clean it immediately before it dries up. It is also important to oil your chain often to minimize friction that results in wearing out of the metal after some time. Cleaning immediately after a ride will save your time and energy because the mad comes off easily.

• Check your tires pressure –ensure that you have a floor pump that is designed with a gauge for you to check your tires air pressure now and then. The recommended pressure is always indicated on the sidewall of the tires; hence you should either increase or decrease the pressure up to that level. The correct pressure ensures that you can cycle using the maximum speed without getting exhausted because the tires are firm enough. It also preserves the treads of the tires that provide maximum grip on the surface.

• Invest in fit mudguards – mudguards prevent you from splashing mud on your back, your bicycle or the cyclist behind you. Investing in fit mudguards will save your time and energy when you are cleaning your bike after a ride because you will not be cleaning a lot of mud off the bike compared to cycling without having them.

• Learn how to fix a puncture –every cyclist who owns a mountain bike should always carry a tool kit and spare inner tube to repair the tire in case of a puncture. You should also have the basic knowledge on how to fix a puncture to avoid being stranded for hours or having to disturb your colleagues. It is, but it requires a few practices for you to master how to do it fast and perfectly, so you need to exercise a couple of times.

• Stay hydrated –cyclists tend to sweat a lot; hence its always advisable to stay hydrated at all times to avoid running out of breath especially if you are cycling on a sunny day. Apart from that, you need to pack an extra bottle of water even on the cold weather if you are covering a long distance to quench your thirst after some time.

• Clean your bike regularly – when grease/oil mixes with dust, it tends to clog most parts of the bike. That’s why you should clean your bike regularly and if possible after every ride to ensure that it stays in a good working condition for a longer period.

• Learn when and how to use hand signals – speaking while cycling might be complicated because this sport requires maximum concentration and the noises are likely to hinder communication. Therefore, you should learn the basic hand signals and know when and how to use them for you to communicate with other cyclists on your next move or in case of any problem to avoid colliding with them.

• Ensure that the bike fits perfectly – riding the right bike that complements your height and size enables you to be in control throughout. That’s why it’s always advisable to try and fit the bike first before buying it then adjust it to fit you perfectly before heading out for a ride. If the height and weight of the bike outweigh you, then you will end up feeling exhausted at the end of every ride.

• Wear cycling glasses – they protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays, rain, dust, bugs, and sand; hence you can remain in focus throughout. Cycling requires you to be in control of your vision and concentration to avoid careless mistakes that could lead to severe accidents. Invest in glasses that feature interchangeable lenses, meant for bright and dull conditions instead of buying different pairs.

• Eat nutritious meals – cycling consumes a lot of energy; hence you should eat a well-balanced meal before heading out to ensure that you have the required energy to avoid feeling sickly as you cycle.

• Drink coffee before riding – coffee contains caffeine which is proven to be helpful because it boosts your mood and improves endurance on the bike even after cycling for a long distance. It keeps you alert and aware of your surrounding; thus you remain in focus throughout.

• Pack some energy drinks – apart from water; you should also pack some energy drinks to rejuvenate your body. They also help to calm the cramps so make sure that you pack a few bottles in your kit before heading for a long ride. However, choose energy drinks that don’t contain high amounts of sugar to avoid sugar rush.

Buying Guide/ Features To Consider When Buying A Mountain Bike

Cycling is the best feeling you can ever experience it gives you a sense of freedom and you feel amazing when you are on the wheels. But for you to enjoy this you need to have a bike that is of superb quality and which will not cause you trouble in the middle of your riding. There are a lot of types of mountain bike to choose from and finding the one that is right for you can be hectic. We have summarized a few features for you to consider when getting a mountain bike. [Read more…]

Tips for Buying Used Mountain Bikes


Do you want to buy a used mountain bike? If so then it’s important to know which steps to take in order to get the best results. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Learn which parts are cheap to change
This is critical because the cost of adding replacement parts t your bike can be quite high. So it’s critical to know which parts you can change for a low price, and which ones like tires you’ll have to spend more money in order to replace the part.

2. Pick 3 bikes you’d like to have
Unfortunately there’s a chance you might be unable to find a used version of your first 1-2 MTB choices. What should you do? It’s a good idea to pick 3 bike models you’d like to have. That way if you’re unable to find any of the bikes you’ll have a backup plan. It’s definitely worth taking this step so you won’t have to spend tons of time and effort finding one particular bike. Keep in mind it might be tougher to find a used version of the bike. In that case, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan just in case you need it.

3. Know the features of good deals
Not every sale/deal you find will be a good one. That’s why it’s important to know whether or not a deal is a good one. There’s no way to know that until you do some research to find out the average price of the bike based on industry standards.

4. Don’t buy a stolen bike
It’s important to make sure you’re not buying a used bike that’s also stolen. Make sure to do checks like comparing the actual bike with photos on social media, for example. Does the person seem like the actual owner of the bike? Does the person have any paperwork for the bike? Unfortunately, you can sometimes make several checks and still end up buying a stolen bike. However, if you take some basic steps you can give yourself the best chance and buying a legit bike.

5. Pick a “unused” bike
This is a great option if you want a high-quality bike for a lower price. Bikes are like cars in that a model that’s one year old can be much cheaper than a new model. In fact, you can save a ton of money this way because of various reasons. The bike itself will have depreciated in value so you can save easily that way. There’s also the fact that someone will likely want to sell their old bike as quickly as possible so they can get a new model or handle bills and other expenses. Deciding to buy a used bike is a key step if you want to save money.

6. Test bikes in person
This is especially important if you’re planning to buy our bike online. In that case it’s very important to test the bike before you purchase it. You’ll then have a good idea about whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

5 purchasing tips for mountain bike shoppers

Buying a mountain bike can raise some questions. There is so much choice in terms of the variety of different mountain bikes. To help you on your way, here are several tips for buying a mountain bike. That way you know what to look out for and you can look for your ideal mountain bike.

1. Check the frame
The main difference in mountain bike frames is in the material. Today, mountain bikes are mainly made of aluminium or carbon. Excellent frames are made of both types of material. Aluminium frames are very reliable and often more affordable. Carbon frames are lighter, stiffer and at the same time slightly more comfortable. However, there is also a price tag to consider as well.

Nothing is as important as the right size bike. A wrong frame size can lead to physical complaints or too little control over the bicycle. At many bike shops, you can have your measurements measured, but you can also calculate your frame size yourself.

Calculate your frame size yourself

2. Choose between a full suspension or hardtail mountain bike
A hardtail mountain bike only has suspension in the front fork. A full suspension mountain bike (‘fully’) has suspension in the front fork and a rear shock. The best option for you depends on the terrain you want to cycle. If you want to use your mountain bike especially in the Netherlands, it is better to take a hardtail. You can make more speed with this. Do you want to go cycling on rougher terrain or in the high mountains? Then a full suspension probably suits you better. A full suspension mountain bike is often a bit more expensive than a hardtail mountain bike.

3. Look at the brake type of the mountain bike
You have the choice between disc brakes or rim brakes. Most of today’s mountain bikes are equipped with disc brakes. Fewer and fewer mountain bikes are equipped with rim brakes (‘V-brakes’). Disc brakes can work on a cable, or hydraulically. In the latter, the lines of the brake are filled with oil. These break him a greater braking force.

4. Pick a mountain bike model based on its wheels
There are three different wheel sizes: 26 “, 27.5” or 29 “. The 26 “inch is not much more sold. It is a suitable wheel size if you want to be very agile in short turns or on climbs. Most mountain bikes sold today have either 27.5 “or 29” wheels. The larger the wheel, the faster and more comfortable you go over rough terrain. Your body length can also be decisive for your choice of wheel. For smaller people, a 29er can feel too big.

5. Look at the assembly of the mountain bike
The gear group on your mountain bike is very important. This largely determines you’re cycling pleasure. When choosing an acceleration group, you first have to ask yourself what area you are going to cycle on. If you want to cycle through the forest and in the mud a lot, your material will wear out sooner than if you drive on a paved bike path.

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Colorado

If you are a true mountain biker, then Colorado needs no introduction. It has some of the biggest and most majestic mountains you can find anywhere, with lust-worthy and enjoyable single-tracks. Though the huge mountains and great trails of Colorado makes it a place to visit, the absolutely massive amount of single-track riding available in this state, makes it so unique.

You might not grasp the scope of mountain biking opportunities in Colorado until you move there and experience it personally. If you are coming from out of state, figuring out how to best enjoy a week, or a month, vacation riding the best bike trails in Colorado is a fool’s errand. There’s a very high possibility that you would have more fun hanging out and riding around just one fantastic destination for the duration of your one week, or one month, vacation. But still, let’s get you a list of the best mountain bike trails the great state of Colorado has to offer.

Limiting the vast expanse of Colorado bike trails to a certain number of selections is not really a wise thing to do. But, here are some must-ride mountain bike trails in the State of Colorado.

Silverton to Durango: Colorado Trail
The Silverton to Durango trail has been ranked by single-track members as the number 1 mountain bike trail in the whole world. However, riders from outside the state, or even outside the country that come to “ride the Colorado trail” have most times had problems with this trail. Asides the fact that very few people actually have the time, fitness, or commitment to ride the whole 500-mile trail from the start to the finish, it also has some hardy bike-packers. If it’s your first time on a mountain bike trail, then you should probably start with something smaller.
Fantastic views of the mountain, absence of wilderness bypasses, tough climbs and amazing single-tracks is what this trail is made up of. But, if you are a newbie looking for an epic ride and want to start with a bike-pack that you can manage instead of the going the entire trail, then you shouldn’t start with the Silverton to Durango section because it is tough to beat.

Buffalo Creek (Pine)
Back in 2008, Buffalo Creek was ranked the number trail in the world. And though it isn’t the number one trail right now, this trail system has change dramatically over time, and for the better. Alongside the addition of more classic and amazing singe-tracks, another major change was the addition of Blackjack and Raspberry Ridge, which offers true double-black-diamond riding in any trail system, that was previously known for only XC trails. These upgrades culminated in the addition of some top-class flow in the form of the Little Scraggy trail, which was completed in the fall of 2016.
The miles of trail out in Buffalo Creek cannot be truly ascertained, but the best guess is “a whole lot”. If you put into consideration the campground nestled within the trail system, the significant diversity, easy accessibility to the large population on the Colorado Front Range, and a way longer riding season than most of the other trails in Colorado, then Buffalo Creek deserves its reputation as one of the favorite mountain bike trails.

Doctor Park (Crested Butte)
One of the things the epic mountain bike destination known as Crested Butte is well-known for is The 401 trail. Although, as mountain bikers have grown accustomed to what makes a great and exciting mountain bike trail, they have also come to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, 401 isn’t really all that. But with the fall of the 401 trail came the rise of the Doctor Park.
Just like 401 that has amazing views of the mountain, Doctor Park also has some gorgeous long-distance views from up top. But when you couple these views with a completely rip-roaring, smooth, flowy descent down a classic single-track, then you would realize that it doesn’t get better than this.

Monarch Crest (Salida)
The Monarch Crest has recurrently been ranked as one of the best trails in the state of Colorado, and even in the world. Basically, this route consists of several different interlinked trails, like the Silver Creek and the Rainbow Trail, with this creating an amazing 35-mile shuttle route, with millions of miles view of along the Continental Divide, which is coupled with high speed, gnarly descending down into the valley below.
Wonder why the Monarch Crest is a perennial favorite? It is because there are four other single-track descents, Fooses Creek, Agate Creek, Starvation Creek, and Green’s Creek, which offer an even gnarly and more entertaining descend. And this is despite the fact that it has one classic route.
Many riders get to choose from a variety of trails, which makes this destination even more appealing. And, you should probably go along with a lot of food and water so you can spend your sweet time and enjoy this amazing trail.

Lunch Loops (Grand Junction)
If you haven’t been to this trail before, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. The Lunch Loops is an expansive trail system offering more than 40 miles of single-track awesomeness, ranging from beginner, which is not so much, to expert, which it has a lot of. This destination has a lot of awesome trails, such as Free Lunch, Holy Cross, and Ribbon, which are all brutally technical. You might opt to ride other trails systems, but Lunch Loops is definitely the crème de la crème of mountain bike trails.

The above mountain bike trails are among the best 5 in Colorado. But other exciting trails include:
• Trestle Bike Park (Winter Park)
• Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge Colorado Trail (Fairplay/Breckenridge)
• Trail 401 (Crested Butte)
• 18 Road/North Fruita Desert (Fruita)
• Kokopelli Area Trails (Loma)
• Phil’s World (Cortez)
• Captain Jack’s (Colorado Springs)
• Dakota Ridge (Denver)
Now you are well-equipped for that next biking vacation, and can easily pick the most suitable and exciting mountain bike trail in Colorado.

The Best Mountain Bikes of 2017

2017 is considered to be the year when the best and promising mountain bikes were introduced to the market. There are variations of them to choose from new models introduced with 27.5+ wheels to 29 ranges. Now, to not confuse you, here are the top 8 best of the best on our list of mountain bikes which considered to the promising bikes for the year 2017:

Pivot’s Mach 429 Trail is considered to be one of those 29er trail bikes. They are much easier to drive along and to take control and whip around because its rear suspension is very efficient with 116mm of travel.

Yeti SB5c Beti’s one of a kind geometric and suspension design won the hearts of many mountain bikers. Yeti SB5c Beti only weighs around 25 pounds and a suspension well enough for pedaling and climbs enough for any local race you get yourself into. With its smooth SRAM X01, the 1×1 drivetrain is considered as well as a good bike for adventurous women out there.

The new Ripley has more improvised characters and highly regarded performance from the last Ripley version introduced in 2015. It is considered to be one of the finest and most recommended mountain bikes not just for the year but all season. The new 2016 model offers a better pivot internals, lower seat mast, much better tire clearance and a boost of 148 option. With those small touches and many more discreet upgrades to the new version made the product a much better and sought out bikes for bike-lovers.

Spot Rollik has a new mouth-watering look with 140mm carbon frame though there’s also YOBO which is a 160mm version, the brand creates its name for hardtails and urban bikes. Both bikes mentioned has a dual-link suspension that looks like the one used by Ibis, Pivot, Turner but with a little more delicate distinction from it; The rear pivot uses a complex leaf string instead of ball-bearing and axle. The brand as well declared that the new product is low-maintenance, swifter and lighter with much-improved suspension performance.

As known for producing adventure bikes, Marin introduces its most exciting and adventure-ready bike, the Attack Trail 9. Attack Trail 9 which is dual-linked suspension design, enduro-y parts, carbon front triangle and KS LEV dropper seatpost.

The 2015 Juliana Furtado is considered to be one of the recommended, and capable models with 125mm of VPP controlled rear-wheel suspension while the 2016 Juliana Furtado has its way to beat its old bad sister on the road with its fiercer and adventure-ready attitude. The mountain bikes have 130mm of travel, one-degree slacker angle, shorter rear end, longer top tube and a much more hostile wide 760mm handlebar. This is a more mature, riskless version of Furtado.

While there are a lot more impressive and head turner mountain bikes you could browse and take a look at, the six aforementioned above was the top recommended mountain bikes based on the test drives we had undergone. They are considered to be our Editor’s Choice, and they completely won the hearts and the respect of many if not all bike lovers.