Best Mountain Bike Trails in Colorado

If you are a true mountain biker, then Colorado needs no introduction. It has some of the biggest and most majestic mountains you can find anywhere, with lust-worthy and enjoyable single-tracks. Though the huge mountains and great trails of Colorado makes it a place to visit, the absolutely massive amount of single-track riding available in this state, makes it so unique.

You might not grasp the scope of mountain biking opportunities in Colorado until you move there and experience it personally. If you are coming from out of state, figuring out how to best enjoy a week, or a month, vacation riding the best bike trails in Colorado is a fool’s errand. There’s a very high possibility that you would have more fun hanging out and riding around just one fantastic destination for the duration of your one week, or one month, vacation. But still, let’s get you a list of the best mountain bike trails the great state of Colorado has to offer.

Limiting the vast expanse of Colorado bike trails to a certain number of selections is not really a wise thing to do. But, here are some must-ride mountain bike trails in the State of Colorado.

Silverton to Durango: Colorado Trail
The Silverton to Durango trail has been ranked by single-track members as the number 1 mountain bike trail in the whole world. However, riders from outside the state, or even outside the country that come to “ride the Colorado trail” have most times had problems with this trail. Asides the fact that very few people actually have the time, fitness, or commitment to ride the whole 500-mile trail from the start to the finish, it also has some hardy bike-packers. If it’s your first time on a mountain bike trail, then you should probably start with something smaller.
Fantastic views of the mountain, absence of wilderness bypasses, tough climbs and amazing single-tracks is what this trail is made up of. But, if you are a newbie looking for an epic ride and want to start with a bike-pack that you can manage instead of the going the entire trail, then you shouldn’t start with the Silverton to Durango section because it is tough to beat.

Buffalo Creek (Pine)
Back in 2008, Buffalo Creek was ranked the number trail in the world. And though it isn’t the number one trail right now, this trail system has change dramatically over time, and for the better. Alongside the addition of more classic and amazing singe-tracks, another major change was the addition of Blackjack and Raspberry Ridge, which offers true double-black-diamond riding in any trail system, that was previously known for only XC trails. These upgrades culminated in the addition of some top-class flow in the form of the Little Scraggy trail, which was completed in the fall of 2016.
The miles of trail out in Buffalo Creek cannot be truly ascertained, but the best guess is “a whole lot”. If you put into consideration the campground nestled within the trail system, the significant diversity, easy accessibility to the large population on the Colorado Front Range, and a way longer riding season than most of the other trails in Colorado, then Buffalo Creek deserves its reputation as one of the favorite mountain bike trails.

Doctor Park (Crested Butte)
One of the things the epic mountain bike destination known as Crested Butte is well-known for is The 401 trail. Although, as mountain bikers have grown accustomed to what makes a great and exciting mountain bike trail, they have also come to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, 401 isn’t really all that. But with the fall of the 401 trail came the rise of the Doctor Park.
Just like 401 that has amazing views of the mountain, Doctor Park also has some gorgeous long-distance views from up top. But when you couple these views with a completely rip-roaring, smooth, flowy descent down a classic single-track, then you would realize that it doesn’t get better than this.

Monarch Crest (Salida)
The Monarch Crest has recurrently been ranked as one of the best trails in the state of Colorado, and even in the world. Basically, this route consists of several different interlinked trails, like the Silver Creek and the Rainbow Trail, with this creating an amazing 35-mile shuttle route, with millions of miles view of along the Continental Divide, which is coupled with high speed, gnarly descending down into the valley below.
Wonder why the Monarch Crest is a perennial favorite? It is because there are four other single-track descents, Fooses Creek, Agate Creek, Starvation Creek, and Green’s Creek, which offer an even gnarly and more entertaining descend. And this is despite the fact that it has one classic route.
Many riders get to choose from a variety of trails, which makes this destination even more appealing. And, you should probably go along with a lot of food and water so you can spend your sweet time and enjoy this amazing trail.

Lunch Loops (Grand Junction)
If you haven’t been to this trail before, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. The Lunch Loops is an expansive trail system offering more than 40 miles of single-track awesomeness, ranging from beginner, which is not so much, to expert, which it has a lot of. This destination has a lot of awesome trails, such as Free Lunch, Holy Cross, and Ribbon, which are all brutally technical. You might opt to ride other trails systems, but Lunch Loops is definitely the crème de la crème of mountain bike trails.

The above mountain bike trails are among the best 5 in Colorado. But other exciting trails include:
• Trestle Bike Park (Winter Park)
• Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge Colorado Trail (Fairplay/Breckenridge)
• Trail 401 (Crested Butte)
• 18 Road/North Fruita Desert (Fruita)
• Kokopelli Area Trails (Loma)
• Phil’s World (Cortez)
• Captain Jack’s (Colorado Springs)
• Dakota Ridge (Denver)
Now you are well-equipped for that next biking vacation, and can easily pick the most suitable and exciting mountain bike trail in Colorado.