Buying Guide/ Features To Consider When Buying A Mountain Bike

Cycling is the best feeling you can ever experience it gives you a sense of freedom and you feel amazing when you are on the wheels. But for you to enjoy this you need to have a bike that is of superb quality and which will not cause you trouble in the middle of your riding. There are a lot of types of mountain bike to choose from and finding the one that is right for you can be hectic. We have summarized a few features for you to consider when getting a mountain bike.

This is the first question you ask yourself, which bike is the right size for you? The size of the bike greatly influences your speed and your bike balance. Don’t rely on the stated size by the manufacturer as the sizes are sometimes wrong. Most of the manufacturing companies have stated the size as small, medium or other but more often than not you can find that the sizes don’t actually have a difference from each other. For instance, one brand’s medium could be considered small size by another company which could not be convenient for the user.

mtb sizing

It is more advisable that you shop for your own bike and test if the size is the correct one for you before buying the bike. Also, it is important to know the frame size of the bike you want. This will ensure that you ride more comfortably and you enjoy your ride. Additionally, you can adjust your stem length and the saddle position to the correct riding position for you.

Wheel size to choose
The size of the wheel does not have a significant difference if your mountain bike is not well maintained. There are at least three wheel sizes available in the market for you to choose from. There is the 29”, 27+ and the 27.5”. If you opt for the 27.5-inch wheel there are a few things to always keep in mind. For instance, these wheels are the most playful and agile type of wheel to use.

They are preferred when taking the aggressive trails and moving downhill as they offer enough grit for this trails. The 29” is a better choice for tall riders as they offer enough pressure to support your weight. Furthermore, the wheel size is preferred more by the riders who enjoy riding in muddy conditions as they offer the power to move across without getting stuck in mad.

A point to note is that in deciding the size of the wheel that you want to have depended on the two basic rules. The big wheel size is preferred mostly for the big miles and a larger stretch of the area to cover. While the smaller hoops are the best for smashing trails and they are equally stronger for this tasks. But always keep in mind that all the wheel sizes will work best if the tires have enough pressure.

Look for a bike that is durable and will serve you for eternity. You don’t need to get a bike that will be damaged at the slightest bump you hit. The best mountain bike is made from strong ergonomic materials that will be able to persevere any hit and still maintain the great sleek look of the bike. Get a bike made from long-lasting metal that is not easily bent but which will also not harm you when riding the bike.

A downside to having a durable bike maybe the price will be set a little bit higher but that is a price worth paying for. Get a bike that is worth all your time and money and which will serve you for a lifetime. There are mainly two types of materials that are widely used to make mountain bikes one is the titanium which is super light and very strong.

The buzz about titanium bikes rose with Lance Armstrong owning a titanium bike that was durable and could withstand any hit. The other type of material is steel which is also very strong and durable. However, the bikes made from steel are very heavy as compared to other materials. A point to note is that steel frames are very comfortable especially if you are riding for a long distance.

Whenever you opt to get a bike make sure you look for a bike that will not make you break a bank and throw away all your savings. Look for a bike that is under your budget but does not forsake the quality of the bike for the price. As the saying goes cheap is always expensive so don’t go for a cheap bike as it will cost you in the end.

Additionally, when you decide to get a bike don’t forget to buy a strong helmet that will be worth your money. Don’t risk your safety by going for a cheaper version of the helmet or bike so that you save. Go for a quality bike that will serve you for a lifetime but it should be affordable.

Go hardtail or full-suss
Both types of the bike have their own pros and cons and they are adjusted to your location and preference. So making the decision should be guided by your likes and preferences and not by what people think you should get. A hardtail bike is more advantageous when it comes to finding the spare part or fixing your bike when your bike is broken down.

The rear shock, linkages, bearings, and extra manufacturing compilation all cost more when getting a full suspension bike. However, the full-suss bikes are more advanced as compared to the hardtail and have a lot of improvements all thanks to the rise in technology. The decision on what kind of bike to get really depends on you and what you like on a bike.

New or second hand
When getting a bike you always need to consider your budget and you don’t need to stretch your budget so much that you end up using all your savings. A second-hand bike comes a long way in saving you money as you will get at a cheaper price than getting a new one. But you should always be careful not to be duped and conned all your money by getting a bike that will need new parts and end up costing you more than you intended. Always be careful when getting a second hand more so because of security issues you don’t want to find yourself in police custody for purchasing stolen goods.

When looking for a bike that you will enjoy it is always advisable to look for a high quality, durable bike. Enjoy riding your bike with your friends and family and have the best time.
Have fun and be safe!