Buying Guide/ Features To Consider When Buying A Mountain Bike

Cycling is the best feeling you can ever experience it gives you a sense of freedom and you feel amazing when you are on the wheels. But for you to enjoy this you need to have a bike that is of superb quality and which will not cause you trouble in the middle of your riding. There are a lot of types of mountain bike to choose from and finding the one that is right for you can be hectic. We have summarized a few features for you to consider when getting a mountain bike. [Read more…]

Tips for Buying Used Mountain Bikes


Do you want to buy a used mountain bike? If so then it’s important to know which steps to take in order to get the best results. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Learn which parts are cheap to change
This is critical because the cost of adding replacement parts t your bike can be quite high. So it’s critical to know which parts you can change for a low price, and which ones like tires you’ll have to spend more money in order to replace the part.

2. Pick 3 bikes you’d like to have
Unfortunately there’s a chance you might be unable to find a used version of your first 1-2 MTB choices. What should you do? It’s a good idea to pick 3 bike models you’d like to have. That way if you’re unable to find any of the bikes you’ll have a backup plan. It’s definitely worth taking this step so you won’t have to spend tons of time and effort finding one particular bike. Keep in mind it might be tougher to find a used version of the bike. In that case, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan just in case you need it.

3. Know the features of good deals
Not every sale/deal you find will be a good one. That’s why it’s important to know whether or not a deal is a good one. There’s no way to know that until you do some research to find out the average price of the bike based on industry standards.

4. Don’t buy a stolen bike
It’s important to make sure you’re not buying a used bike that’s also stolen. Make sure to do checks like comparing the actual bike with photos on social media, for example. Does the person seem like the actual owner of the bike? Does the person have any paperwork for the bike? Unfortunately, you can sometimes make several checks and still end up buying a stolen bike. However, if you take some basic steps you can give yourself the best chance and buying a legit bike.

5. Pick a “unused” bike
This is a great option if you want a high-quality bike for a lower price. Bikes are like cars in that a model that’s one year old can be much cheaper than a new model. In fact, you can save a ton of money this way because of various reasons. The bike itself will have depreciated in value so you can save easily that way. There’s also the fact that someone will likely want to sell their old bike as quickly as possible so they can get a new model or handle bills and other expenses. Deciding to buy a used bike is a key step if you want to save money.

6. Test bikes in person
This is especially important if you’re planning to buy our bike online. In that case it’s very important to test the bike before you purchase it. You’ll then have a good idea about whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

5 purchasing tips for mountain bike shoppers

Buying a mountain bike can raise some questions. There is so much choice in terms of the variety of different mountain bikes. To help you on your way, here are several tips for buying a mountain bike. That way you know what to look out for and you can look for your ideal mountain bike.

1. Check the frame
The main difference in mountain bike frames is in the material. Today, mountain bikes are mainly made of aluminium or carbon. Excellent frames are made of both types of material. Aluminium frames are very reliable and often more affordable. Carbon frames are lighter, stiffer and at the same time slightly more comfortable. However, there is also a price tag to consider as well.

Nothing is as important as the right size bike. A wrong frame size can lead to physical complaints or too little control over the bicycle. At many bike shops, you can have your measurements measured, but you can also calculate your frame size yourself.

Calculate your frame size yourself

2. Choose between a full suspension or hardtail mountain bike
A hardtail mountain bike only has suspension in the front fork. A full suspension mountain bike (‘fully’) has suspension in the front fork and a rear shock. The best option for you depends on the terrain you want to cycle. If you want to use your mountain bike especially in the Netherlands, it is better to take a hardtail. You can make more speed with this. Do you want to go cycling on rougher terrain or in the high mountains? Then a full suspension probably suits you better. A full suspension mountain bike is often a bit more expensive than a hardtail mountain bike.

3. Look at the brake type of the mountain bike
You have the choice between disc brakes or rim brakes. Most of today’s mountain bikes are equipped with disc brakes. Fewer and fewer mountain bikes are equipped with rim brakes (‘V-brakes’). Disc brakes can work on a cable, or hydraulically. In the latter, the lines of the brake are filled with oil. These break him a greater braking force.

4. Pick a mountain bike model based on its wheels
There are three different wheel sizes: 26 “, 27.5” or 29 “. The 26 “inch is not much more sold. It is a suitable wheel size if you want to be very agile in short turns or on climbs. Most mountain bikes sold today have either 27.5 “or 29” wheels. The larger the wheel, the faster and more comfortable you go over rough terrain. Your body length can also be decisive for your choice of wheel. For smaller people, a 29er can feel too big.

5. Look at the assembly of the mountain bike
The gear group on your mountain bike is very important. This largely determines you’re cycling pleasure. When choosing an acceleration group, you first have to ask yourself what area you are going to cycle on. If you want to cycle through the forest and in the mud a lot, your material will wear out sooner than if you drive on a paved bike path.